my first and last name Konstandinos karalis
Now the farthest I can go with my first name is Emperor Constatine of The byzantine Empire but Karalis I dunno. I mean its a greek name but to be honest with you its not like other greek surnames that i know of really. I'm just curious
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Karalis is rather of Turkish origin.
Very common for modern Greek surnames since large areas
of the Greek-speaking space (Asia Minor and todays Greece)
were under the Turkish rule for centuries.

"Kara" in Turkish (or Arabic?) is "Black". Thus, "Karalis"
is "Black Ali" (the final "s" is common end in greek; usually
for masculine names).

See about the meaning of "Ali" in the main database:
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kara could also mean mainland in contrast with island (ada), so karali--> the mainldander
kara is somehow related to the North, so karali---> the northern one
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