Subject: Re: McGriff
Author: Kynaston   (Authenticated as kynaston)
Date: August 14, 2005 at 9:20 AM
Reply to: Re: McGriff by Jim Young

I agree, it probably is a change in the spelling.
In Irish surnames it is fairly common for an R to be put changable with N. Hence MacCracken/MacNaughton.
There are Irish surnames Grifferty - which is a variant of Crifferty (G/C) and (Ó) Griffin/Griffey meaning "griffen-like" from the Irish surname Ó Gríobhtha. I suppose it could be related in someway to either of those surnames but MacNiff sounds quite likely especially if it is found as Coniff, Cuniff seeing as if you swap the n for and r and c for a g (which is common practice) then you get a very similar name.


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