Subject: Re: DelTufo ...meaning of this Italian name
Author: Sagani   (guest)
Date: August 15, 2005 at 12:53 AM
Reply to: Re: DelTufo ...meaning of this Italian name by Sean Foglai

I am sorry, it was a mistake, it is not "fufo" but TUFO.
Another surname TUFFI exists, it could be just a variant of TUFI, double consonant chamge pronounciation, but often have no special meaning in Italian.
Both Tufi and Tuffi exist just in Lazio region, near Rome,
See the site www.gens.labo.net, italian surnames or italian white pages: tape for località "Lazio" or the name of provincial main town "Frosinone" or "fr" the initial letters of the city.

Italian white pages www.paginebianche.it.

In northern italy the variant of the place names TUFO is TOVO.
There are two villages called Tovo

Tovo-San Giacomo (St James)near Genoa
Tovo di Sant'Agata (St Agatha) in northern Lombardy near the Swiss border.

Surnames coming from the name of this places are:

Tovani (beared in USA as well)

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