Married name is Shakespeare
I have checked past message boards and archives as well as the surname meanings, and nothing has said (at least from what I could gather) as to what Shakespeare means. Did it really originate in England? I was wondering what it means if my kids ever ask one day. Thanks.
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...and Dante was English! By the Way William Shakespeare was a Catholic.
The name is said to mean someone who carried a spear,i.e., a "spearman", which word is also an English surname.
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As Shakespeare's life is in many respects mysterious some stories are told about his origin.
According to a recent story William Shakespeare was a Sicilian who fled from the island because of fis protestant faith. His real name wsa Giovanni CROLLANZA. In Britain his name became Shakespeare. This was done to hide the real identity. An article appeared in the most popular italian paper "Corriere della Sera" about this matter.
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