This is the surname of a baseball player. I've been pronouncing it "FI-er-ah-bent", but the announcers say "FEER-uh-bend". Could anyone help me with the proper pronunciation? It appears to be German, hence my pronunciation.TIA!Jen
The answer is Jack Bauer.
The question doesn't matter.
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It's pronounced "FYE-er-ah-bend." Feiern means "to celebrate" in German. Abend means "evening."
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I would agree with you based on the spelling, but I assume the announcers pronounce the name the way the player himself pronounces it. It's his name after all. However, if you look here -
you'll note that the earlier form of the name was Virabent, which would be pronouned Feer...
There's a similar situation in the UK; a footballer called Riordan, who insists on his name been pronounced Rye-ordan, when everyone else thinks it should be pronounced Ree-ordan.
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Thank you so much for your assistance!
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