My surnames, at least these
From what I know it seems that "Tubino" is an italianized version of a jewish surname which might be "Tu'bi" which, according to my dictionary migth mean "Fifteen" (Tubishevat is listed as meaning "fifteen day of --" a jewish day for tree-planting)... IF you are better informed about this surname I would be pleased by an answer... likewise if you know of any coat of arms related to the surname... Furthermore I wonder what Bryce (akin to Bruce and Robert DeBruce) means... a somehow common English surname of Scottish origina from what I know... Thanks for any info... Fare well and farewell, see ya later... Arrivederci.
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TUBINO, The italian TUBINO at the moment live near GENOA.
It is a very local surname. The origin is not clear. And does this surname come from Sicily?

Bryce comes from a given name BRICE.
It is the name of Saint Brice a french bishop of TOURS.
See also the italian form BRIZIO or BRIZZI and the French one BRICE
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