My Gr.grandfather from privigye, Czech Republic(WAS HUNGARIAN territory.)
was UNGER. Upon moving to Budapest he changed the Surname to URANYI.
Was it a place a thing a title?
Please help thanks
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It looks like it's from a place name, surname Urányi from place name Urány. This webpage -
lists a place called Urány Falu, falu is Hungarian for village.
From the early 19th century onwards it was common for Hungarians to "magyarise" non-Hungarian surnames, particularly German names, Austria being viewed as the imperialist oppressor. Taking a Hungarian surname was a patriotic act.
Unger is the German for "Hungarian" of course, so your great-grandfather was reclaiming his ancestral roots. Privigye is now (I think) Prievidza in Slovakia, once in the kingdom of Hungary.
Why Urányi? Maybe just because it begins with a U like Unger.
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