A belated reply to the query on the name Pinchok.
Working on the assumption that it's another spelling of Pinchuk/Pintchuk/Pinczuk, it means someone from Pinsk, the town formerly in Lithuania, now in Belarus.
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Excellent ...thanks Jim I guess the question is what does the placename Pinsk mean? As Cpl. Randolph Agarn of F Troop would say "it's only a stone's throw from Minsk" ... sorry, can't help myself!Anyway, I'll check placenames in Russia (sorry Lithuania and/or Belarus) to see ...that's great though, I have a good new friend I've met through my new company who has interest in genealogy, but can't get a good start because of some of thise roadblocks ...thanks again!!
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I don't know the meaning of the place name Pinsk, but Britannica 2004 (on DVD) says, "situated at the confluence of the Pina and Pripet rivers. Pinsk was first mentioned in 1097 and was the seat of a Russian princedom." To assume that Pinsk is derived from Pina is unscientific---it could be the other way around.I know what your next message will be---"What is the meaning of Pina?"Reg Niles
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