Unknown surname
In Minsk, Belarus, there were four brothers and sisters named: Khayim, Soshka(Sonya), Rashka(Raisa), and Gneshka(Gnesha). I don't know their childhood surname, but I was hoping someone knew how to find surnames using the names of the siblings. I believe they were Jewish, but I'm not sure. Khayim was in Moscow when he died. Soshka, Rashka, and Rashka's daughter Fanya Margolina were killed in the Minsk Ghetto in 1941-1943. Gneshka passed away in Samarkand, Uzbekistan in 1942. Thank you for your time.
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Have you tried www.jewishgen.com, Andy. The site leads to a variety of databases, including lists of Holocaust victims, and lists of inhabitants of various Eastern European shtetlech (is that the word?). I couldn't find a way of searching by forename, but there may be one.
Also I did a google for "Khayim" plus "Minsk" and got a few notices. Less success with the female names.
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That address should be www.jewishgen.org, not .com
It might be worthwhile to try a few other spellings of Khayim when searching, e.g., Khayyim, Hayyim, Chaim.
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