surname Proctor
Could anyone tell me the origin of this Irish surname please?Thanks in advance.
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From my Irish surname book:Proctor, -er: numerous, mostly in Belfast area, Dublin, Midlands etc. It is from 17th Century English. From Latin procurator, an official in legal and other matters.In other words, the same meaning as the English version. My book on Irish names does not suggest alternative Irish names that may have been mistranslated.English version ...Proctor
English (northern): occupational name from Middle English prok(e)tour ‘steward’ (reduced from Old French procurateour, Latin procurator ‘agent’, from procurare ‘to manage’). The term was used most commonly of an attorney in a spiritual court, but also of other officials such as collectors of taxes and agents licensed to collect alms on behalf of lepers and enclosed orders of monks.
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