I've heard it spelled both ways from different family members. It's a family name, either Russian or Polish, and I'm not sure of the actual roots. Does anyone know anything about it? PM me for more info--specific questions only. As of 6.30.2007:
Willa Elaine, Miranda Scarlett, Rosabella Marie, Bernadette Elizabeth
Caden Noah, Gabriel Rowan, Logan Walter, Jason Nathaniel
Need to come up with new faves...complicated.(pm if you want the story)
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Probably identifying someone from the town of Gorodets in Russia, which you can read about here -
There may be other places with similar names, Gorodecki and Gordecki are surnames in Poland (the letter C pronounced TS).
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There is also a Ukrainian place name, Gorodek, which could have given rise to the surname Gorodetsky.
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Thanks for both. I'm going to do research on these places and talk to some older relatives about places of migration.
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