my ancestor's last names
I am trying to find the origins,ethnic backgrounds and meanings of the following surnames; Sharp, Eddy, Dillman, Huibregtse and Whitlatch. I have been told that my ancestors are from scotland,wales and possibly holland. Could this be true? Can anyone help me?
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You'll find Dillman here-
and an explanation of Whitlatch here -
but I would also consider the possibility that Whitlatch is a variant of Whitelegg, a nickname type surname, "white leg". I notice that Whitlatch, Whitledge and Whitelegg, are all at their most numerous in the same area of England, Cheshire.
Sharp could be Scottish or English, said to denote a sharp-witted person.
Huibregtse is Dutch; I believe it's a patronymic, "Hubert's son".
Eddy looks like another version of Aedie, Eadie, Eddie, all diminutive forms of the male given name Adam, and Scottish surnames.
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