We need a new Surname!
Ladies, I am not even going to tell you what my and my dh's surnames are. Lets just say we are NOT giving them to our children. We are not fond of maiden names in the family. I've looked at our genelogy 8 generations back. And I'm just not feeling it. What are your favorite surnames? There are some really awesome surnames out there. What are your favorites?My kids will mostly be Italian, Irish and French. They will also be English, Scottish, Dutch, and Swedish, if that helps. But I don't really care. I just want a really striking surname!
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Pace (means peace) and Love are my favorite surnames! Also, check out http://www.answers.com/library/American+Family+Name+Origins, which has more surnames than here.

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My FAVORITE surname is Baudelaire. I wish it were MY surname! I also love Cavanaugh!My mom has always said she wanted the surname Popondopulous. Mmmmkay....;~) Kelly
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A few suggestions (mostly last names of children in my first grade class):
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have you considered a combination of your surnames or the maiden names? or tuning one of your first names into into a surname. not necesarily using your name but a surname variation, if that makes sense.
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I propose DAWN
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What about Rosemont? I've always thought it was lovely.
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I suggest you:Davenport, Fraser,Martin
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Wow, I am liking these...... THANK YOU!Dawn
DavenportI have to turn the birth cerf in soon!!Would Dawn work with a male name...Micah Dawn
Sage Dawn
Giacomo Dawn
Leo Dawn?
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I'm personally a fan of Filipiak.
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I know a guy with that last name!It's a good strong name. Not sure what nationality though.
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:)..... how is that pronounced? :P
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