Origin of name "Bergevin"
I've only ever met one other Bergevin outside of my family, though the name is apparently (my dad tells me) quite common in Quebec and parts of the United States. (I'm not sure about this, however, as I've only rarely found it on sites like this one.)Obviously, it's French in origin, my family having been in Quebec for hundreds of years (until recently). The only meaning I've ever been able to find behind it is "roisterous drunkard" (the obvious "vin" combined with "berger", which according to my source, can mean "to hit", though I find this claim sketchy because I've only ever known it to mean "shepherd..."drunk shepherd", maybe?). As much fun as this alleged meaning is, I'm dubious as to its legitimacy.If any one has any ideas or knows anything...?Merci bien.
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Common in Quebec? It's the 973rd commonest name there, borne by 17 Quebecois in every 10,000. Most live in the Monteregie region, between Montreal and the US border, or in Montreal itself. There are some over the border in Massachusetts (Kerouac territory).
In France, according to one website, there are 103 persons named Bergevin.
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Yes, folk etymology would lead you in the direction of a "little old wine drinker", but fear not, your eponymous ancestor could have been a sober citizen.
The only explanation of the name that stands up is that it has the same meaning as another French surname, Bergouin. This would be form an Old Germanic male given name, Bergwin, in which WIN means "friend" and BERG has yet to be deciphered. Apparently a derivation from berg, "mountain", is not feasible.
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