I would like to know the meaning of the Ashkenazic surname MRESSE. Thank you!

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No firm information on this name, I just hate to leave a query unacknowledged.
Eastern Europe seems to be the base; Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, somewhere in that region, though the name doesn't look Slavic or particularly Baltic. There are variant spellings, Mress, Mrese.
I thought at first this might be a Yiddish version of the Lithuanian, formerly Polish, town of Merecz, but the JewishGen shtetl seeker facility appears to rule this out, viz.
"Merkinë [Lith], Meretch [Yid], Merecz [Pol], Merech [Rus], Meritz, Merch, Merts, Mertsh, Merkinës"
There is also a Polish and Ukrainian surname, Mróz, which literally means "frost", and is thought to be a nickname for a grey-haired person, though it might derive from the forename Ambrose.
None of this is very convincing, I'm sure you'll agree.
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I thank you a LOT anyway for your time and search!
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