Subject: Re: The origin of Dairon
Author: Lora   (Authenticated as reniannen17)
Date: August 19, 2007 at 5:21:14 AM
Reply to: Re: The origin of Dairon by Jim Young
wow thanks for your persistence. The results on family search are very interesting. It's strange, if it is a French name, that some of the Scottish bearers came from Argyll. David Dairon married in 1866 (no. 51)and had one son James (58) in Argyll, before moving to Glasgow where he had another James (no. 59) and 2 daughters Isabella and Mary Donald. The second is Edward Dairon (no. 52) who married in Kilberry in 1875. Argyll is remote and unindustrialised and from what I can find about Huguenots most were accommodated in Edinburgh and Glasgow. It's unlikely that anyone would have found reason to move to Argyll from the cities rather than the other way around. A Google search shows that there are still several bearer's in Argyll today. Maybe there is a Scottish origin after all? Or maybe I'm completely on the wrong track. Hopefully you will get an answer on the French board.
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