I would like to know more about this name. Lindley was my grandmother's maiden name. She has always said her family came from England, and that the spelling of the name has changed. I believe this, as she was very interested in her family's history. Any info you can give me on this name would be appreciated!
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Oxford University Press, "American Family Name Origins"Lindley

1. English: habitational name from either of two places in West Yorkshire called Lindley, or from Linley in Shropshire and Wiltshire, all named from Old English lîn ‘flax’ + lçah ‘wood’, ‘glade’, with epenthetic -d-, or from another Lindley in West Yorkshire (near Otley), named in Old English as ‘lime wood’, from lind ‘lime tree’ + lçah ‘woodland clearing’.Lindley in Leicestershire probably also has this origin, and is a further possible source of the surname.2. German: habitational name from places in Bavaria and Hannover called Lindloh, meaning ‘lime grove’, or a topographic name with the same meaning (see Linde + Loh).There are many surnames on
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