Subject: Re: Native American surnames
Author: Nashoba Nahuttubbee   (guest)
Date: September 28, 2007 at 10:48 AM
Reply to: Native American surnames by Pat

I cannot believe you would have such a noble name and not be able to find out about it though relatives.What is your nation? It would seem to me that it may have been a name given to a relative who observed a "crow fly high" as they usually do as well as clain a high perch. Crows are good medicine they are often part of some nations creation stories. The missionarys did not have much patience
with our long discriptive names In your case, they would shorten your name to Mr.Crow. Those of us who have English names, get them from perhaps someone that married into the nation and is a grandfather or father, or in missionary time when our names were too difficult to pronounce such as in the navajo (dine nation.) they were allowed to pick a name of about 4 syllables which were more often that not ,Anglo. My name is out of the Choctaw language. it means woman wolf.. the last name means "go bring them and kill" When a man makes his first kill in a hunt or in battle, he may place the word "tubbee of tubby" on the end of it to denote the fact. There are also Native Americans who have Hispanic names such as thos from some southwestern nations came by way of them when the were enslaved to the Spanish conquers.
Trail Well,

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