origin of the surname 'bagge'
does anyone know where the surname bagge originated?
i'm not sure where it came from, I know that my father's parents were English, although a lot further back, the family was from possibly from Scandinvia?
Thanks, any help would be much appriciated
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Bagge can also be a Scandinavian surname. Bagge is the surname of a famous noble family in Sweden and it has been used since the beginning of the 16th century.
It could have been used to indicate a Norwegian origin since Bagge was a nickname for people coming from Norway.
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This is an English surname. Reaney and Wilson suggest three possible meanings:
i) from the Old Germanic given name Baco, or Bago, which is also the origin of the surname Bacon
ii) metonymic for a maker of bags
iii) a nickname for a beggar. I'm inclined to ignore this last as it appears to be based only on some old text stating that a burgess carries a purse and a beggar carries a bag.
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