EARLY Books on Surnames, Add to the list, if you can?
Searching for any other EARLY titles (PRE - 1920)
Can you add to this listEnglish Surnames C.W. Bardsley 1873 – 1897Dict. of English/ Welsh Surnames of the
- British Isles “ “ “ 1901Surnames in the U.K. H. Harrison 1912 – 18Homes of Family Names H.P. Guppy 1890History of Surnames of the British Isles C. L. Ewen 1931Manx Names A.W. Moore 1903Germanic Names in England T.H. Forssner 1916Studies in uncompounded Personal names M. Reddin 1919Onomasticon Anglo – Saxonicum W.G. Searle 1897Dictionary of Names W. Arthur 1857Surnames as a Science R. Fergususon 1883
English Surnames M.A. Lower 1875 (edition with Index)Nordische Personennamen in England A.S. Halle 1910
Report on the Surnames of Ireland Matheson 1909Names, Place Names and Surnames –
- of the Isle of Man A.W. Moore
1890The Teutonic Name System Robert Ferguson
1864?Patronymica Britannica M.A. Lower
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Paul, a book called "The Norman People", published in London in 1874 by Henry S. King and Co., has a section on surnames of Norman and apparent Norman origin that is very very interesting. The book, let alone this useful section, is little known. The surname section gives many historical manuscript sources for its author's conclusions - though I feel that in claiming some names as Norman he is gilding the lily and clutching at straws (to mix a metaphor!). There is no author's name on the title-page, but I seem to recall that in the British Library or Library of Congress online catalogues an author's name is given.
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Jonquil, thank you for the information. I am gradually tracking down copies of all these earlier works. Some are most interesting, some are based upon "I think that fits, so i'll put it in there type thinking"! Some explanations given though are just not found eslewhere.So The Norman People shall be added to my wishlist...
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"Family Names and their Story", by S. Baring-Gould, 1910.This URL -
may take you to a 19th century work on Scottish surnames, not very reliable, in my opinion.
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