Origin of the surname HOPLA ???
I am still seeking help with the possible origin of the surname HOPLA.It appears to have first been used in Pembroke, West Wales, with a Stephen HOPLA being born at Grove, Pembroke in 1762.I am trying to find any references before this date, and any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated :-)
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Thinking that this might be French in origin I posted a query on a French forum. I'll paste the reply I got here as, though it's in French, the explanation "Hopley", the English language references, and the Pembrokeshire ecclesiastical website are self-explanatory."Tout indique que Hopla est une variante de Hopley, un toponyme que Bardsley et Harrison décomposent en Hope+leah 'pré, prairie'. Ainsi, on retrouve des Hopley et des Hopla qui ont été baptisés dans la même église à ."
(Respondent identified as "Marc")
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Sorry, the website address didn't take. I'll try again
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