Looking for the orgin and meaning of Lebanese surname NEHME.
Also looking to find Raymond Nehme born on Dec 25th in Beriut. He is approx 55 - 60 year old. He had a brother who was a boxer before the civil war.
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It is Lebanese and Christian. It is found in Tripoli where the surname Nahhoum is also found in the Christian community. A common root? It looks like it's a male forename as well as a surname, so it's probably patronymic. As to the meaning, I can only suggest the possibility that it is connected to the biblical names Nahum and Nehemiah. I can't find an Arabic word that would suggest a meaning, though there is a Yemeni place name, Naham, and a surname, al-Nahmi, which probably derives from the place name.
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it means blessing in arabic
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