Attempting to determine the origins and meaning of BAZZETT for my friend. Many with this surname reside in Michigan. Ellis Island records found through World Vitals show a woman and her children arriving from their home in Italy show the surname BENITADOQUE or BAZZETT. Any assistance with this search would be appreciated. Thank you
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It was perhaps the surname BAZZETTI. if this surname is really italian as you tell.
However the surname Bazzetti no longer exists in Italy but it existed near the city Of GROSSETO, in Southern Tuscany, about 150 km
South from FLORENCE.Some families Bazzetti have left their villages near Grossetto:SEGGIANO and PITIGLIANOBut be careful a surname Bazzett, still existed in America at the beginning of th XIXth century and it was really american. A variant of BASSETT?Let us know about your researches.
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