Kachelriess - meaning/origin
I'm interested in the meaning or origin of the name Kachelriess. I know that the German Kachel translates to 'tile' (as in glazed or ceramic), but I'm not sure about the combination with riess.Thanks
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This is a very rare German surname, only two individuals in the German telephone directory, none in the Austrian TD. As you might guess from this, information on the meaning is not forthcoming.
Ries and Riess are both German place names, though I haven't found a place called Kachelriess. There is however a mountain in Bavaria named Kachelstein, so it could be toponymic.
Though the name is rare in its homeland it does seem to have put down sturdy roots in the US under a variety of guises. See -
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Jim,Excellent info. I appreciate the response and the link.
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