Czech/Slovak Surname(s)
My surname is Kojis. I've always been told it's after a river in Slovakia, the Kojisch river, but that's all I really know. My great-great-grandfather immigrated from Slovakia (I believe) with his Czech wife in the early 1900s. Does anyone else have more information?Also, the wife's surname was Vrolak, as best as I can remember (it's pronounced Vrow-loll-ick, if I remember that right too). I have even less information about this surname, although as I said, I believe it is Czech.Any help would be appreciated!
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Your great-great-grandfather´s pronounce "Kaw:yees".
Grandfather´s surname was Kojis
Grandmother´s surname was KojisováVrolak is more like Slovakian..
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Thank you so much! I couldn't remember which was the Czech and which was the Slovak. Thanks again!
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