meaning of name
I am looking for the meaning and English translation of the name Hlavinka. All I really know is that the name is Slovak. Please help!!
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...using the soundslide i have developed for recovering words back to nauatl, which i consider to be the first language, the h of hlavinka becomes t/tlavinka, giving tla/tlalli(N)=land/earth and the
vinca drops the inclusive postage stamp for nauatl, as in n=nauatl, to give vika/uica(N)=govern/rule(vicar/viking/victory/wickiup), when uica(N) goes out to other languages outside nauatl=wink, but that's from the preposition, uic(N)=back and forth(up and down in this case:wink). so hlavi(n)ka=land vicar/ruler.
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