Why do people refer to "William," the name "Bill"
Why Bill not Will?
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The form Will was not unknown in the past, for example Shakespeare was sometimes called 'sweet Will' by his contemporaries.
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RISCO is an italian very locale name. The Riscos came from the region of NAPLES. This surname is almost unknouwn in Italy and extremely rare.
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...w/b are cognate sounds, the nauatl(our first language) word ue(N)=
big, when ueca(N) becomes weg(OHG) and the old frisian, wei, meaning being big, or far, and goes into english as, way, it has already formedthe english word big from weg, and we have the w/b flip, and when ue/ueca/uecatl(N) go into greek, which has no w, we get, ek/ekas/ecati(gk)=she who works from afar, hecate, goddess of wind/weaving/planet venus and mother of proto-christ, quetzalcoatl,
morning star. if we take uentli(N)=ofrenda(sp), and goes into latin as, ventus/wind(E), it also goes into greek as bema(gk)=the altar
step(on the way to uentli(N)/offering), and bema(gk) goes on within
greek to become the word dance, or baile(sp).
...back to will/bill, the will has at least 2 sources in nauatl, the most direct is uillotl(N)=dove, and ilhuia(N)=will(in a pig latin twist).
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