origin of Kaila?
My friend's last name is Kaila. She's Indian(from India). I looked it up on this site and Behindthename.com The only thing I could find was a Yiddish name. Can anyone help me?
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Kaila is a Punjabi surname, and the name of a "gotra", or clan. One respondent on this forum -
claims that it is the name of a village in the Punjab. I know that Jat gotras often use the name of the village of origin as the clan name. The Jats are a large community of Northern India, particularly in the Punjab.
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KAILA is the upper caste in khatri .Kaila are hindu punjabi khatri gotra surya/The class is affluent ,widely recognised all over the world with fair complexion,great handsome looks,pretty females,highly educated class a class known world wide.
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KAILA the real Hindu Punjabi Khatri gotra surya of punjab root from Lord RamaFor the information of all please note:
KAILA Are pure Hindu Punjabi Khatri gotra surya originate in Northern India a highly qualified persons.They are the roots from the Lord Ram.The verification conducted recently during visit to Purohit having record of 100 years and more.Difference in names
Kaile or Kailey are used in sikh community followers of Gurudwara.However it has been noticed sometime due to their typographical one digit error they use it KailaSimiliarly Kahhla are Jatt community of punjabCalla might be OBCso dear all kindly go through the record of past origin available at purohit.Some people after reaching cananda have changed it to Kaila assuming they have become singer and let it be changed and after clean shave.So kindly be informed in any one found doing wrong practice will be notified to Interpol
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Thank you so much!
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