HELP-Surnames meanings!?!?!?!?
Does anyone know what the surnames Konteli (grec) Strataki (grec) Aeraki (grec) Meychem (jew )mean?

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Some thoughts but no conclusions -
Aeraki means "light wind" or "breeze" in Greek. I can't see how this would become a surname, but who knows?
Strataki looks like a diminutive of, or patronymic from, the male Greek name Stratos. So "son of Stratos", or "Little Stratos". I don't know whether Stratos is a name in itself or if it's a diminutive of some forename like Nikostratos.
Konteli looks like it derives from the Greek kontós, meaning meaning "short". Kontós is itself a Greek surname and a component of names like Kontoyannis "Short John". How to explain the -eli bit? I can't.
Meychem? Now I've given up altogether.
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Thank you
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