meaning of the name "Personey"? (par-jone-lee/per-shone-lee)
I think the name was originally pronounced Par-shone-lee or Par-jone-lee. But an ancestor from Hungary came over and changed to name or it was changed for him to Personey. What does it mean? Where in Hungary did it come from?Thank you.
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Hungarian names can be difficult due to a loss of diacritical marks when written in an English language context. I can't find a Hungarian Personey, but there is a surname Persányi, from a place name Persány. The only Persány I can find is in Transylvania, which was transferred from Hungary to Romania after World War I. So, although the surname is Hungarian its probable place of origin is now in Romania. Approximate pronunciation of Persány, PER-shawn-yee.
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