Finding ancestry before surnames
How can you trace a person's ancestry before the 1400's?
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I Have traced certain ancestry conditions by these tactics.
The relation of a name,sugjestion a name that may resemble another combine them on a note pad or other form of data D'irection A'nd T'ransformed A'vailability so what ever is available can be transformed through a direction which brings it back to you.
Another great episode is trying to gather the names of male issue such in the efforts of dealings through the crown perhaps french records will gather quite abit of stuff such as admirals rear admirals vikings Nova Scotia or even better L'ance or New Foundland.
Gather a sheet from the 1600's Amsterdam start with lansing Amsterdam 1639 -1645 it may be that lansing is Dutch though whales would have a good connection earlier and also leaving an erea due to a War will discribed certain nameings as well Lansing and DeLancey for instence could there be a resemblence. "sometimes small letters are used as lansing or deLancey or de lancey,Picking an erea in a country as ance france will describe certain names in wich were involved in some degree.How big can a Family be or get,for instence Villiers from the king of England about the 1600's George Villiers; Villa and or leir or lier spell't diferently in fact show's up in French detail though Lier is alsmost England type though with a distinction of elswhere perhaps welch or dutch or another for titles held different erea's and certaintly would be hard to find a definition unless gathering it the cause of this for as sometime it seems as before the 1400's things just was'nt a hole lot of and titles were a limited gather even in the 1300's though mid to late in the thirteen hundreds things did start to progress so keep that in mind even if there's a war there still good be the gentle effect of nothing though a progress will still achieve, travel was realy heavy during this time and for scolars such as painters teachers builders and the form of doctors were in the destiny motion so a french person would go elsewhere and a portugeuse would do the same the 1200's did this as well though look at that memorials of war to see weather the escape was in the transaction differance.

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