hi this is jessica and my class used this site to find the meanings of our names our last names so i thought that id sign this commment bored so bye
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2:39 P.M. E.S.T.
Language is a very important part of our name History it defines many things and puts culture in it's Place,sometimes it takes it away as well.I once traveled quite a bit, a truck driver i am,i invited myself to take some time off for relaxation and purchased an old shot gun it did'nt work though it was realy cool looking when the gentlemen said Thank you i felt takin for some reason though a bit satisfied the reason was the amount i thought was too much,but still i was about it.When i left for some reason i thought why did the Thank You seem so unwelcomed, i then had to figure this out and then decided to figure out the word because that was the only thing that i was thinking about over and over agian.
And came to the conclution of To Help Another Needed Keeper.That brought an ease to myself and every other word i thought of i had to figure out.
This seemed to make things a little bit more interesting and research was a must though just thinking it was comfortable i knew eventually i had to degree it through study words are important.If a last name is like falconier then it would seem that of Viliking and French as quick as that is beleave it or not the setteling of such a word or name may be different and may be Sandinavian and or Welch, Though may have German for the fal research is very important.and this is for first names by the way though a first name could be a last name if realy old.Welch people did'nt start useing last names till the 1400's or 1500's i'll have research that closer i think it's the 1400's though now thats interesting.A hundred years is'nt realy that long considering the settleing of people for long periods of time so within a four or three hundred strech a name may not change though it will in fact for a letter may change or be added even a couple would be addmitted to the cattergory of it's familly and then seperation continues and then the combinational effect of female and male making the nameing process larger and different to tke a dgree, which consists of now representation a more, by travell of ship is now an importance here .
Ok i
m typing rather fast for time is almost up at the Library .
till next time
2:58 P.M. E.S.T.
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