japanese last names that begins with a r
hey everyone,
it's me again. i have a question about japanese last names. i was curious if anyone know any japanese surnames that starts with a R? i can't seen to find any. or does anyone know the japanese name for richardson?
thank you for your time.
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There is no Japanese name for Richardson. You can put it into katakana and pronounce it as they would, but there is no Japanese equivalent. As for R names, I'm not sure. Those are hard to find, but I'm sure one exists somewhere.
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I have no idea about Richardson but you'll find the answer to your other question at http://www.gaminggeeks.org/Resources/KateMonk/Orient/Japan/Surnames.htm
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thanks marc
i have a character in this story i'm working on. she's japanese but her last name is richardson which i don't really fit her japanese ethnicity. i know there is a few japanese with american last names but they live in america she was born and raise in japan that's why i was looking for the japanese name for richardson. and plus i kind of hoping to have her name start with a r kind of like peter parker,etc.
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