Surname "Catelli"
Hello there again,I've come here to ask about the Italian surname "Catelli". From what I've searched, people associate it with "Cattel", "Gateli" and "Gatelli". Some people with "Castelli", but these are common folk (so I think you should take "Castelli" less in consideration).I want know what "Catelli" means, and, possibly, from which group of people (romans, etruscans, etc) come from. The "Catelli" (considering that there are others) which I'm talking about comes from Lucca (or at least, that family is from there, which could mean it originated somewhere in Tuscany).
(Maybe the maps could help you all out)Thanks in advance!
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I found more two things:"Dovrebbe derivare da soprannomi originati dal vocabolo latino catellus (cagnolino) e potrebbe riferirsi al fatto di allevare cani o aver avuto a che fare, in un episodio significativo, con un cane.""Si individuerebbero due zone d'origine, il comasco ed il parmense."I don't know what Catellus means.I also found some people saying it comes from Cate (diminutive of Caterina) + elli (plural sufix). Caterina itself comes from the Greek name "Hekateríne".
So, could someone translate the italian texts for me? And what did you find out (if any)? And where do you think it comes from?
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Low Latin catellus and Italian cagnolino mean a small dog, I believe a pet dog rather than a working dog. So I would assume from this that Catellus was the ancestor's nickname. However the text quoted suggests that the eponym might have bred dogs, or have had a significant experience involving a dog.
Comasco and Parmense as areas of origin would be the regions of Como and Parma in the North.
As for Lombards, Etruscans, etc., I don't believe surnames can reveal such distant origins.
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It is possible that this surname comes from the first name "Catharina" or "Cathalina" quite common around Italy already in medieval times. other variants in Northern Italy Catelini, Cattalini.Jim is right: surnames comes generally from medieval nicknames. Only venetian or sardinian surnames are widely derived from local dialects. In the rest of Italy the influence of regional dialects has been less important. Quite often italian local nicknames have been changed in to a latin word before becoming a regional surname.
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