What does Porter mean?
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this is just a guess, but I'd say that Porter might be one of those occupational surnames (like Mason and Tailor and Smith, etc). THen again, the only porter occupation I'm thinking of are those on trains, so I guess this probably doesn't apply.

just a side note--I never knew this board existed before! I've never heard it mentioned at all hardly. Do most people know it exists?
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i can help!my father had a friend, whose grandfather originally came from Russia. He emigrated to America, and At ellis Island, he was forced to change his last name, Portucker. When asked for his adress in America, he replied it was Porter street, and the official said that porter was a ice, American name, and so his last name changed. His brother went thorugh another offcial, who changed his name to Portuck. The family is jewish.

That may have given you some leads...i hope i helped,

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