Fensom / Fenson
Does anyone know the origin and meaning of the name Fenson or Fensom and which form is the correct or most popular one? I've seen it spelt both ways on my family tree. It seems to be from the Bedfordshire area of England. I'm guessing it could mean something to do with the Fenland of East Anglia? Thanks.
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Bedfordshire does appear to be the stronghold of the name spelt Fensom and Fensome. Fensom is slightly commoner of these two spellings, Fenson is much rarer and seems to belong mainly to Lincolnshire.
As for the meaning, nothing certain. There is, however, another rare surname, Fensham, which looks like a place name, though I haven't located one. Felsham and Fincham are the nearest I can find to Fensham, but I'm dubious about both. I suppose a fenland connection is a possibility, though as yet unproven.
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Thanks for that. I will look into the Lincolnshire connection, though I think it is unlikely my ancestors were from there. I am going to assume it is Fensom for now.
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