What's the origin of my surname i.e. Araptchev(a)
I wonder: what is the origin of my surname 'Araptchev(a)' This surname is bulgarian, but even in bulgaria it is not a common name. it is quite rare. i don't have a clue what it means. some people have suggested that perhaps it has something to do with the Arabs, but i really don't know. My family isn't related to arabia as far as i know, but my grandfather is originally from Greece. ok, that the info i have. Thanx in advance
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The info about your grandfather's origin is enough!

Indeed, your surname has to do with Arabs.
Let's see how.

'Arapis' (rather slang) in modern Greek language is used
for a person with dark skin.
The word, according to Greek dictionaries, is coming from
the word 'Arab' (you can easily find out why).
Arabia (the country) is also called 'Arapia'.
Thus, the rare "b" (spelled/pronounced as 'mp') in Greek
was transformed to the simpler (for Greeks) "p".

It is possible that one of your ancestors was prominent for
his dark skin or was of Arab origin.

The surnames 'Arapis' and its derivatives, such as 'Arapakis'
or 'Arapoglou' (both meaning the son of 'Arapis'), are found
among Greeks.

As far as I know, the ending 'tchev' is common in Bulgarian
and you may know its meaning (I don't know).
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That(m)Arapcheva means descendant of "arapcho," arapcho being the diminutive of arap - a person with dark skin.
Yannis' explanation of the connection between arap and an Arab works (for the better part) for Bulgarian too.
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Oops, I meant "that is correct"
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