Escher Gleichman
The surnames of a famous Dutch painter... Any ideas?
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As shameful as it is I shall answer my own questions myself... claims;Origin of Escher, Meaning of EscherOrigin: The Lasher surname is an anglicised version of the german surname Lescher or L?scher. The first record of this surname is in Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany in 1261 a Freiderick Lescher von Kilchberg. The Lasher family in the United States owes their emmediate origins to approximately 5 Lasher families who emmigrated from Germany to the US between 1710 and 1734 to New York and Pennsylvania. Their is another common way of spelling the name in the US. Lesher. The meaning of the name/word L?scher is "extinguisher/eraser." That is the modern definition, however, as an old surname the meaning changes somewhat to mean a peacemaker or arbitrator. The meaning is to extinguish strife or unrest... a peacemaker.
Surnames: Lasher Lesher Lescher L?scher
Submitted by: John Lasher
3/4/2008 10:35 PMOn the part of Gleichmann:Wiktionary says for Gleich in German;
EtymologyOld High German gilīh[edit] Adjectivegleich 1. equal
2. sameAdverbgleich 1. alike
2. soonI presume "mann" is for "man" and the surname refers to the everyman, to the commoner...
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The explanation given for the origin of Escher on the site you mention is totally absurd. Escher simply designates a person from one of the many places named Esch, Eschen or Escher. Likewise, Gleichmann is a person from Gleichen.
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There may be a little more to ESCHER and GLEICHMANNJust like you, Marc, I cannot see any connection between ESCHER and LASHER. I don't see where the L should come from.Still, there may be more to be said about the two surnames.ESCHER:
- Habitional name from Middle High German esch(e), grain-field
- Someone from Esch(e/r)
- Occupational name from Middle High German escher, exhausted ashes, thus soap-boiler GLEICHMANN:
- Nickname for a moderate or straight forward person or someone who seeks harmony
- Habitional name from plot names like "Auf der Gleiche" (On the Plain)
- From the placename GleichenSources:
Rosa und Volker Kohlheim, Familiennamen, Duden Verlag Mannheim 2000
Grimms Deutsches Wörterbuch, "Gleiche"
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That leaves "Esch", "Eschen" and "Gleichen" as place names to have their meaning deciphered, but thanks for the correction (I had just guessed that the "L" might have indeed been part of the surname, many consonantes are lost as people interpret them, someone could easily have interpreted the "L" from "Lescher" as a "Le Escher" and decided it to be unncesary)Thanks to both of you for your help...
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