Subject: Re: Keizer
Author: clascoutx   (guest)
Date: January 4, 2004 at 7:01 PM
Reply to: Keizer by danielle

...eytm of kaisersala>hall, where the tsar/sala or hall person presides. i believe the russian precedes the latin, as tz is one of the original nauatl consonants, and cae-zar(Lat) would be ce(N)=(the)one/zarof russia/asia where the conditions for language and calendar were met, i.e., weaving baskets and trappingsauma(ONorse)ma/maitl(N)=mano(sp)hand(E), seems the first bobbin was the head and
the thread, hair. and at 45k bc we, the desendants of eve, out of afrika, descend on europe/asia, the mideast desent goes quickest and
gives the illusion of the cradle of civ.

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