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Subject: Re: Surname DORMAN
Author: clascoutx   (guest)
Date: January 4, 2004 at 7:15 PM
Reply to: Surname DORMAN by Manda

...using nauatl as word base, and taking a cue from one of the grimm bros that t decays to d(as he thought within old teuton, but if there is an original language as i surely think, then it applies to all the subsequent languages set free fron parent nauatl by the application of the alfabet), so, going back in time to nauatl: d/tz
h/th/r-l/t, at t we are within nauatl, the last stop would be tl, but
following grimm d/torman, then the r-l flip=tol/rman, from tol,and hurt,toloa(N), repeater. the man,the tolucans did, and took the pain.

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