Xylander, Quigg, and Eaton
Can anyone help me with information about Xylander, Quigg, and Eaton? I know Eaton is English. Also I really need to know what country the names are popular in and if used by a certain ethnic group or religion.A million thanks to anyone who can help me.
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Xylander - language Greek, but not a Greek surname. It means "wood man", and could be a translation of some name like the German Holzmann. It will have originated in a Northern European country, probably adopted by a Protestant clergyman. I'm sure the name is found in Sweden.
Quigg - probably Irish from the surname Ó Cuaig (O'Quigg). It's also found as a variant of Quigley, another Irish surname. I wouldn't ignore the possibility that it's also English, a variant of the West Country surname Quick, which is locative.
Eaton - English as you say, and locative. There are several places so named.
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