looking for meaning in my last name
my full name is Alexis Santisteban, i am a male,i am hispanic, my parents are from mexico so are my grandparents, all i know about my family history is that my great grandfather and a brother of his moved to mexico not sure when,
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The origin is from Spain. Check this website: http://www.houseofnames.com/xq/asp.fc/qx/santisteban-family-crest.htmI think the i in the surname is similar in usage to the Spanish word "twenty-five", viente y cinco , which could also be spelled "veinticinco"
where the e & y are changed into an i when it's a combination form: So, Santisteban = Sant(o)[It is from the Latin word for Saint]? + Esteban, meaning "Saint Steven" in Spanish. But in Europe, they spell "Steven" as Stephen. So, it should be "Saint Stephen".
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