Looking for the origin and meaning of the surname Hornby. I believe it may be English or Scottish, but I am not sure. Does anyone have any information on this name? Thank you.
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Hornby is an English place name and there are a couple of them in the north of England. One in Lancashire and one in Yorkshire. Not quite sure about the horn bit, probably doesn't pertain to the word Horn, could be a derivation of Han or Henry which are the same name really? The by bit is easy, it's a Scandinaviam word for a farmstead, the North of England has hundreds of towns and villages ending with word by, comes from the days when the Vikings raped and pillaged and later settled large areas of Northern England,look up Danelaw on the net, that will explain how viking, England became at one point in its history. So your relatives hailed from the north of England many moons ago and could quite possible be Danish Vikings many moons before that. All the best.. Rob in Yorkshire, England.
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