uyeyama and nobe
japanese surnames
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Uyeyama or, more commonly, Ueyama means summit/upper part of the mountain. Nobe is a placename that you can situate at but I don't know what it means.
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my granny told me uyeyama meant planting on the mountain.
different characters change the meaning?ie: there are several definitions for my middle name "TOMINO"
as there are several character possibilities...
and the meanings are pretty different, too!will forward the info about nobe onwards. my family finds this fascinating :)
and so did a Simic :)
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Maybe u(y)e can be read as 'planting' but if you check out names like Ueda, Uehara, Uemura and Ueno at the website, you'll find that they're all given the 'upper' meaning. The link to Uehara is and you can check out the other ones yourself.
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