Origin of a few surnames
* Pevzner (also written Pevsner)
- A Jewsish surname - I've found a little information about it, but I'm not sure it is accurate http://genealogy.familyeducation.com/surname-origin/pevzner*Gertsenstein
- Again, a Jewish surname*Vitukhnovsky
- Another Jewish surname. May have Polish/Belarus rooths.*Pritsker
- A Jewish surname.*Goldenstern
- Why would someone get called "golden star"? Has it something to do with Judaism's symbol, the Star of David?*Dunets
- Bearers I know named this live in Russia.*Matskevich
- Most likely Polish. I know that -evich is similar with "English/Scandinavian" -son, but son of who, in case of Matskevich. Something Matthew-related?*Metzner
- Not Metzger, Metzner. A German surname.*Roller
- German.*Björklöf
- Bearers come from the Swedish-speaking minority of Finland. Since "Björk" means "birch" in Swedish, and "löf" might be a Scandinavian form of Leaf, does "Björklöf" mean simply "leaf of birch tree"?Thanks! You'll be great help if you know something about any of these surnames! :)
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The most reliable source for Jewish surnames (Guggenheimer & Guggenheimer, Jewish Family Names and Their Origins) gives the origin of Pevzner/Pevsner as Russian pevec 'singer'.
Gertsenstein/Gertzenstein comes from German Gert, a short form of Gerhard, and Stein 'stone'.
Vitukhnovsky designates a person from Wituchowo which you can situate at http://europe.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?formtype=address&country=PL&addtohistory=&city=wituchowo
Pritsker/Pritzker is from Slavic Pribislav via German Pritzke.
For the origin of names like Goldenstern, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_family_name_etymology.
Dunets is derived from Dun, a kinnui for Dan(iel).
Matskevich is Polish Mackiewicz which is derived from Maciej 'Matthias'.
Metzner designates a person from Metz which you can situate at http://europe.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?formtype=address&addtohistory=&address=&city=Metz&state=Lorraine&zipcode=&country=FR&location=l4%2fE7SfjzWuCBARjJSjw54PQmxmd3hRmABdcZGAK7k2iFa25gmc7WEASnDHiUqkdAbJfEzUdhq6dq61lb2D1K%2ftwZCoXC1scGzrSFP9LE%2f8%3d&ambiguity=1
Roller is derived from Rol, a kinnui for Israel. As a German name, it means 'cart driver, wagoner'.
For names like Björklöf, see the last paragraph on Scandinavian names at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_name#Scandinavia
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I'm impressed.I could have never imagined that someone will answer all of my questions. Thank you very much, Marc! You were truly a great help!
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