Subject: This Family is in need of a Last name.
Author: Stevie   (Authenticated as StevieGrl)
Date: June 21, 2008 at 5:53 PM

They have gone through several last name changes and I need one that will suit them. The name should be related to a Circus since Jonathan comes from an extreamly long line of Ringleaders.

This is the family:
DF: Jonathan
DM: Olivia Morrigan Lucine (maiden name is Janvrin)
DS: Reuben Theodore - "Benji"
DD: Scarlett Ophelia (oh-fay-lea) - "Lottie"
DD: Elodie Talitha - "Dia"
Dia & Lottie are twins.

Jonathan's Family:
DF: Theodore Issac
DM: Ophelia Rose - prn. same as above, nn "Fay" & "Lia"
DS: Matthias - Has a son named William "Liam" and a grandson named Issac "Zac"
DS: Jonathan - Family above ^
DS: Benjamin - Has six sons and a daughter: Denis, Edward, Norbert, James, Robert, Charles and Lilia

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