Meaning of the surname Spacey
Hello people, I am trying to discover the meaning of the surname Spacey. It is a nickname I was given a few years ago and I am using it as the surname of the main character in a novel I am writing (its pretty biographical!)I am fascinated by names and would love to know its meaning. (I know it sounds kind of obvious, as in 'lots of space', but the one thing I've learnt about names is that their meanings can often surprise you!)
According to the God that is Kevin Spacey, it may be Welsh and originally spelt without the E, Spacy. Its meaning may be essential for the novel. If anyone can recommend a VERY good site with surname meanings/origins that would be fantastic, as so far none list Spacey even though I know it is not made up as their are historical documents regarding it on geneology websites...
Even though I think Kevin Spacey is a mighty fine actor I am rather cross with him sharing my nick name, as I am worried publishers might think it a bad choice of name...I dont care as it is not after Kevin at all.
Many Thanks to whom ever replies
Spacey the bard
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