Anyone have any info on the last name Washuk? I came across this in some paperwork I was doing at work and was wondering on it's orgin/meaning. I've never heard it before. TIAmy beautiful boys: Keenan Aiden James, Cohen Michael & Sascha Glendon Conley
wife to Jonathan 'Jack' Aleksandr ♥my sibset:
Jaimeson Jade
Melonie Gwen
Cooper James
Jarod Michael
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Washuk apprears to be Ukrainian but I don't know what it means.
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I agree on Ukrainian, but perhaps based in Eastern Poland, Ruthenian so-called. Wasiuk and Waszuk are found in Poland, and the -si- and -sz- are pronounced like -sh-. I'd guess a duminutive of Vasily, "Basil", certainly more Ukrainian than Polish.
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