Origin of surname "Omcikuz"?
I have encountered the last name Omcikuz on a Serbian woman, and I am very curious about it, as it is clearly not Slavic (although her first name is completely Serbian). The name is actually pronounced Omchikuz, ie, written with a hasek over the c to make the hard -ch- sound, but I don't know how to reproduce that here.If the name is of Balkan origin, I'm wondering if it is Albanian or Turkish?
Of course, as it is on a woman, it could be from a husband or father from far beyond the Balkans.I'd be glad if anyone could satisfy my curiousity.
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Update on "Omcikuz" and "Omcikus"?Updated to add: Lumia has pointed me to the clearly related surname Omcikus, which appears to be Croatian, judging by google results. But I remain curious because the root does not sound South Slavic to me; could it have entered Croatia from another language?
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A search round the dictionaries produces no instance of this word in Albanian, Turkish or Serbo-Croat. The nearest I can find is Omca (pronounced omcha)in Serbo-Croat meaning "noose" or "bow".
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