Referring to Jim Young's message a little farther down on Skibo, this is a genuine surname. It is listed on as origin unidentified and if you do a google search you will find people that have this surname.
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Following your suggestion -
I find Skibo, also spelt Skibó, as a surname in the US from Hungary. I haven't found anyone with either of these spellings in Hungary, but found Szkibó there. I assume that this is the original spelling, SZ is pronounced like S in English.
So we can conclude that the surname is Hungarian, with the spelling altered to suit Anglophone tastes. As for the meaning; I can't connect it to any forename or place name, and a Hungarian-English dictionary lists no such, or similar, word. I refer you back to my earlier posting which mentioned the Polish surname, Skiba. I think that the word Szkibó may come from one of the neighbouring Slavic languages. Many Hungarian surnames are magyarised versions of German or Slavic names, as Hungary a century ago accommodated several substantial minorities within its borders.
The Polish Skiba means "ridge", i.e., is locative.
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There is one Skibo but no one named Szkibo listed in the online Hungarian telephone directory as you can see at The ancestor of the American Skibos appears to have been one John Skibo from Austria as shown at I agree that the origin of this name is probably Slavic as there are many placenames that begin with Skib- in that area.
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Strange, I found 14 Hungarian Szkibós, for example -
§ Szkibó István Cím: Budapest, XIX. kerület 1195, Árpád utcaTelefon: (1) 280-3109,(70) 5615134
And, looking at contry of origin for Skibos arriving in the US, I found two men named Janos Skibo from Hungary.
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We've obviously got very different sources of information. Actually, I rechecked the online telephone directory I mentioned and found two Szkibos (I'd searched in the wrong box the first time round). Are there 14 in some other directory? As for the ones that arrived from Hungary, I found two at (plus one from Austria) but not the ones you mentioned. The reason I suspect the American Skibos descend from the immigrant I mentioned before is that he had so many sons with his two wives.
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I did a search in the online directory cited in your earlier posting. There were 15 entries but one looked like a business, so I didn't include it.
rechecking the "place of origin" for Skibo on the ancestry website, I found there were three arrivals, two Hungarian and one unspecified. Perhaps this was your Austrian. Names Janos (two) and Ferencz (sic).
I am convinced that this surname is from Hungary.
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I don't think there's much doubt that the name is Hungarian but it's also not surprising that there were Skibos in Austria since it's right next door. There doesn't appear to be any there now, however.
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